Our Services

Our services include digital transcription, audio typing, copy typing, document formatting and transcription of one-to-one and multi-speaker meeting/interview recordings.

We offer a bespoke transcription service, so if you have a particular piece of work that you feel would not come under the headings below, please do give us a call to discuss your requirements.  The chances are that we can still assist you.

Digital Transcription

We offer an extensive range of audio typing and digital transcription services, from the production of file/attendance notes through to formal court documents/forms and lengthy reports, for example:
  • Correspondence – letters, emails, etc.
  • File/attendance notes 
  • Witness statements 
  • Briefs
  • Reports
  • Court documents
  • Court Orders
  • Court forms
  • Judgments
  • Barrister’s Opinions/Advices
  • Particulars of Claim 
  • Legal Aid forms
  • Land Registry forms
  • Wills
  • Codicils
  • Theses and Dissertations
  • Manuscripts

Copy Typing / General Formatting

All non-digital dictation including copy typing and general formatting work is charged on a time taken basis.

Our typists are experienced in all types of document formatting including indexing, styles and automatic paragraph numbering.

If you have a PDF document that needs copy typing into a Word version we can do that for you, incorporating page numbering, indexing, styles, automatic numbering (legal style or otherwise), etc.

Transcription of Intervews/Meetings, etc.

Our rates for these types of transcription vary depending on the number of speakers and the quality of the recording.

We provide both verbatim and intelligent verbatim styles of transcription depending on your requirements/preference.

Verbatim transcription records not only word-for-word what is being said by the participants but also everything that is audible on the sound file, including erms, ums, filler words like “you know”, descriptive terms like “[laughs]” or “[pauses]” and repeated words, i.e. “... and, and, and...”.

Intelligent verbatim transcription still records word-for-word what is being said by the participants but omits the erms, ums, filler words, descriptive terms (with the exception of extended pauses) and repeated words.  It also omits 'utterances' which are words that do not actually add any meaning to the discussion and are simply words that one person says during another persons 'dialogue' to highlight the fact that they are listening to what is being said.  Intelligent verbatim basically makes the transcription clearer, more concise and easier to read, without changing the actual context of what is being said.

Standard Paragraphs and Templates

If you use our services regularly, we can save you time and money by setting up templates and standard paragraphs, for which we make no charge.

For example, if you send us addressee/heading details we can set up letter templates for people you write to on a regular basis.  This will not only avoid you having to spend precious time re-dictating information, but will also result in a cost saving.

If you have other standard documents which you use, just send us a completed document and we can set it up as a template.  You will then only need to instruct us which standard document you are amending in the sound file and dictate the amendments, again resulting in a time/cost saving.

In the same way, if you use standard paragraphs, for example, in a letter or a Will, etc., again we can set those up so that you need only dictate an instruction for us to add whichever paragraph you require into the document.
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